Snoring – All about snoring and preventing it

Snoring – Creating specific sounds during sleep breathing due to the relaxation of the pharic muscles and soft palate and subsequent narrowing of the upper respiratory tract



Snoring in itself is not a health problem, but many people can grow into a serious disorder called obstructive apnea. During the dream there are occasional, short-lasting delays in breathing, and the consequence of this is a drastic decrease in the amount of oxygen in the blood.

Eventually Sleep apnea It can induce high blood pressure, jump pressure in the blood vessels of the lungs, uneven pulse, depression, fatigue and diminished mental capabilities. To avoid these problems, check to see if you have symptoms of obstructive apneis. Contact your doctor if you snore and if you answer at least two of the six questions.

• Do you snore almost every night?

• Do you often wake up at night?

• Do you roll over on your bed and feel like you can’t breathe normally?

• Are you in the morning with a headache?

• Are you irritable in the morning?

• Do you wake up tired, even if you slept through the night?

• Do you feel the fatigue during the day?

• Do you happen to doze off during the day (at a business meeting when you’re talking on the phone or even at the wheel)?

If there is at least one answer to these questions, it is advisable to follow our website and find out how to help yourself.