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During the night he doesn’t stop snoring. You push it, you pinch it, you hit it, but it doesn’t help, he’s still drinking wood. Although many couples joke at the expense of sleepless nights, snoring is not an unsuspecting problem that should be ignored. It eventually weakens the organism and leads to a number of illnesses.

So don’t be angry at your partner for not being able to sleep at night. Focus on solving the problem. First you must discover why we snore.


Thicker people often snore more than slim. If you’re overweight, you’re going to have to go on a diet. The easiest way to start is to reduce the rations by 10 – 15 percent and to cut the dinner in half. Of course, you should also walk. And when you lose weight, your partner will certainly rather sleep with you.


Cough, your nose clogged? If you snore, it’s the virus. Before bedtime, put some drops in your nose.

– 40% People who sleep in a noisy bed have a hard time breathing on their noses

– 4 h In the morning is the time when snoring is the most intense

– 80% Hamster sleeps on the back


You’re going to throw away your pillow at night? Then you snore because your head is too low. Lift the cushion.


Cigarettes irritate the mucoic and cause respiratory problems. If you can’t throw away cigarettes, burn the last one at least two hours before bedtime.


If he has a short tongue, he can only be institutionalized by a doctor. But, by definition, if the distance between the tongue roots and the pharine is too small, it’s a completely certain cause of snoring. Surgical intervention is done in total anesthesia, and recovery lasts for several days.


It’s a surefire sign that he has a nasal obstruction. Schedule an ORL review to determine the true nature of the problem.


You play sports at night? Since you go to bed tired, it’s normal to snore. So, change your term at the gym or opt for light exercises. On the other hand, there are no restrictions when it comes to sex, as it is an ideal means of relaxation.