Anti-snoring mask – people have always tried to find a cure for snoring. It was usually a device that resembles a torture device, which was not very helpful. However, the Americans recently patented a “anti-snoring set” consisting of three Diels – masks, plastic prostheses and nose sticks, which proved to be the ultimate solution. The mask fixes the lower jaw, making it impossible to sleep with the mouth open, one of the main causes of snoring.

The dentition prevents the grinding of the teeth, which is often the companion of snoring.

maska protiv hrkanja

The nose sticks expand the nostrils, increase the airflow through them, thus preventing the breath from breathing only to the mouth and thus preventing snoring. It may seem silly and impossible to sleep with all this on your head, but the ones who tried it say it’s working. With us this set can not be purchased yet, but if you have someone abroad, it can bring you…. or try ebay.